General information

What is PayPocket?

PayPocket is a mobile payment solution that allows you to electronically accept debit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) payments. It works with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Where does PayPocket work?

As long as you have a Smartphone or Tablet with WiFi connectivity or a data service plan, PayPocket is available for use in any part of Puerto Rico, United States and USVI.

Can I have any bank or Coop account?

PayPocket is the ONLY mobile payment app in Puerto Rico that provides the flexibility of receiving your deposits in any bank or Coop account. You can use your current account so you don’t have to open any other accounts.

Which electronic devices are compatible with the PayPocket application?

You can use PayPocket application with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Tablet devices.

Does the PayPocket application use your cellular data?

PayPocket is an application, so anytime you don’t have a WiFi plan, it will use your data service.

Rule 8049 Changes, October 30 2015

Merchant , remember that PayPocket is a tax certified terminal that meets the specifications set out in Regulation No. 8049. With PayPocket you are ready and meet the Administrative Determination (DA ) 15 to 20 that takes effect after October 30th 2015.

Change IVU in your PayPocket before July 1 - IMPORTANT

The IVU got modified and now you must withhold a new tax rate.

The new State Tax rate is 10.5%

(Municipal rate remains as 1%)

Work inside the Law, making the change in your PayPocket. Change is required only once.

Step-by-step guide to make the change:

  • Download the file (.pdf format) – click here
  • Follow the steps as detailed
  • That’s it … you are ready !!

Registration Process

Which documents do you need to register for PayPocket?

Copy of your ID
Copy of your Social Security Number
VOID Check
Business Registry

What is the next step after I Register?

  • You need to send us via email the requested supporting documents
  • Download the free APP, available in “Apple Store” or “Google Play”.
  • We will email your user information as soon as possible, after which you will be able to process Debit/Credit Cards manually with your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Within a few days you will receive the “Swiper” which you’ll use to read the credit cards you’re paid with. (Method recommended by PayPocket.)

Is there a contract? For how long?

PayPocket is offered under a one year contract. After the year is completed, your service is automatically renewed so you can continue processing your payments without interruptions. You can review the terms of service before completing the registration process.

Which Credit and Debit Cards can I process?

Which Credit and Debit Cards can I process with PayPocket?

Those with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover logos on it.

Can I process Debit cards without a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Logo?

At this time you won’t be able to process any Debit card without a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Logo.

Is there a limit per transaction?

You decide the best limit for your business’ needs during registration by choosing from the following range:

  • $0-$100
  • $100-$500
  • $500-$1,000
  • $1,000-$1,500

How many swipers can I buy?

You can buy as many as you need. Contact us at info@paypocketmobile.com to let us know your needs and we will gladly assist you.

Customer Service

Can I process manually?

Of course! But to minimize unwilling mistakes, we recommend to use the card reader (swiper) in each electronic transaction.

I have already downloaded the application and now it's asking me for username & password. How do I get them?

The username and password will be emailed to you after the activation process is complete to the address given at the time of registration.

  • Please check your “Junk Mail” as sometime our emails may be received there. If this should occur, please add info@paypocketmobile.com to your contacts.
  • Please send us an email as soon as possible to support@paypocketmobile.com, that way we can verify and resolve your issue quickly.

If the transaction is denied, do I get charged?

No. The transaction cost applies only to successful transactions

Is the Swiper sent by mail?

The swiper will be sent to you by Priority Mail once your registration is complete, and will arrive within a couple of days. For your convenience, we will send you an email with the tracking number right after it is sent.

On which day will you debit the charges to my account?

The first time the annuity is debited once PayPocket receive the credentials to begin processing credit or debit card . Then it debited to fulfill the contract year.

What should I do if I process the transaction twice?

If you duplicate a transaction, you can ask your customer for their card or their card’s information in order to process a refund. Keep in mind that PayPocket will process this as any other transaction for which fees will be applied.

Is there a fee for cancelling the service?

There is no fee for cancelling the service.

How can I access a report for all my transactions?

Access the My Reports section and login with the Company ID, Username and Password we provided by email. Pick the dates you would like to view and click Go.

What are the charges I see on my account?

If you have questions about the fees in your account, please write us at support@paypocketmobile.com. and we will gladly assist you.

How long does it take for the deposit to show in my account?

Visa, Master Card and Discover transactions will show in your account 24 to 48 business hours after being processed. Transactions made with American Express cards will take 48 to 72 business hours to be deposited.

What should I do to add taxes to my transactions?

You should go to the application Settings and turn on the option to Calculate Taxes. There you must enter the percent that will apply to municipal and state tax. When you are finish you must press Done.

Please let us know any kind of question you should have

Please feel free to send us any kind of question you have. We should respond to your question as soon as possible. We want you to have the best experience with your mobile transactions.

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